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Children Communities Connections (2010)

This conference built on developments from the 2008 conference with a strong focus on prevention, early intervention and child protection. Key sectors and agencies engaged in supporting vulnerable children and their families participated in the conference including state education, health, families and communities departments and NGO's as well as the Australian Centre for Child Protection.

One of the guiding principles of the Family Support Program that was a focus of this conference was "place based, community development approaches: local provision, driven by local needs, with flexible and responsive services working together to provide the complete range of services needed – thereby building more connected, resilient communities." This can take the form of co-location of a number of services in a local accessible position as is being developed in a number of Communities for Children sites and Department of Education and Children's Services Children's Centres in SA or it can take the form of more integrated non co-located services in a defined area such as is happening in other Communities for Children sites.



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