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Parenting Together Information

Video Intro

About Parenting Together® (pdf) size 2 MB

Parenting Together® Facilitator Training (pdf) size 1 MB

Parenting Together® Evidence Base (pdf) size 422 KB

Parenting Together® Resource order form (pdf) size 1.5 MB

Parenting Together Flyer

Organisations acessing this artwork have permission to add their own course details to the white panel at the bottom of the flyer/poster. (This can be done in Acrobat Reader using “Fill & Sign” or hand written after printing.) Permission is granted to use the whole artwork exactly as it is, eg print out unlimited copies, but not to alter it in any way. Individual elements are not to be extracted and used separately, unless given permission by the creator and copyright holder, Heidi Rurade Design.

Parenting Together® flyer


Building Stronger Communities with Children and Families 2nd Edition

Book & documentary launch at UniSA Children's Week de Lissa Oration

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Order from the Salvation Army (doc) size 95KB

Building Stronger Communities with Children and Families

Building Stronger Communities flyer (doc) size 81KB

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Book order form

Genesis of the book (YouTube link)

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Quality Play and Media in Childhood Education and Care

Quality Play and Media in childhood education and care eBook

Children in a Digital World Handout (pdf) size 730 KB

Educators Quality Play and Media Handout (pdf) size 734 KB

Genesis of eBook (YouTube link)

Building Integrated Connections for Children their Families and Communities

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The Family Centre Approach

The Family Centre Approach size 4.5MB


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